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A Powerful Workflow Generator for Standardized Radiomics Analysis and Medical Image Visualization

Developing since 2021

ViSERA is a free, open-source software specialized for visualization, processing, segmentation, registration, fusion and analysis of medical / biomedical images, including radiomics and machine learning analysis.

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What is ViSERA?

Visualized & Standardized Environment for Radiomics Analysis

Desktop software to improve usability, reusability, and reproducibility in medical imaging & healthcare research.

Development platform to create reproducible research workflows by connecting different tools.

Useful for collaborative research projects and for ensuring consistency across different studies.

User-friendly for different expertise levels, including radiation oncologists, radiologists, physicists & data scientists.

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Important features

Image filtering techniques (Standardized by IBSI 2)

Comfortable user interface

Professional medical image viewer

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Multi medical image modality support

NIFTI, DICOME, NRRD, etc support

RT struct support

Handcrafted Radiomics feature generation (Standardized by IBSI 1)

Professional image convertor

Image registration methods

Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) conversion

Image fusion techniques

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What problems does ViSERA solve?

Accessibility: ViSERA provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools and resources, allowing researchers to perform complex data analysis tasks without extensive technical knowledge or programming expertise.

Integrated tools and environment: ViSERA integrates a vast collection of tools and resources from various domains of healthcare and medical imaging research in a common environment.

Flexibility and customization: ViSERA offers flexibility in terms of tool optimization and workflow customization.

Coming soon:

Collaboration and transparency: ViSERA facilitates collaboration among researchers by providing features for sharing workflows, datasets, and results.

Usability, Reusability and Reproducibility (URR): ViSERA improve URR by providing a workflow management system that allows researchers to easily create, share, and reuse workflows.

  • ViSERA is a major, entirely-revamped upgrade to the original SERA (Matlab-based).
  • ViSERA is a python-based open-source package that enables standardized and reproducible radiomic feature extraction in compliance with the Image Biomarker Standardization Initiative (IBSI 1.0).
  • Image filters have also been standardized against IBSI 2.0 by implementing and validating several filter options.
  • ViSERA employs a number of popular image processing algorithms, to create end-to-end standardized workflows.

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More to know

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What is ´╗┐the ViSERA license?

ViSERA is free and open-source for research purposes.

How to cite ViSERA?

Please cite the following reference if you publish results with help from ViSERA:

M. R. Salmanpour, I. Shiri, M. Hosseinzadeh, H. Zaidi, S. Ashrafinia, M. Oveisi, A. Rahmim
ViSERA: Visualized & Standardized Environment for Radiomics Analysis - A Shareable, Executable, and Reproducible Workflow Generator

Proc. IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, 2023.

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Which system does ViSERA run on?

Windows (10 and up). New versions to support Mac and Linux systems are coming soon.

I have installed an old version. Can I reinstall over it without removing the previous version?

Yes you can. But if you run into problems, remove the old version(s) installed.

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Contact us

Support for the ViSERA software

is available: support@visera.ca

BC Cancer Research Center

675 West 10th Ave; Office 6-112

Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1L3

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